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Black Horse
Bowling Club


How To Find us:

We are Situated in the Black Horse Public House, on the corner of Bristol Road South and Frankley Beeches Road

On 61,61,63 and 49 Bus Routes.

5 Minutes walk from Northfield Train Station.

 In 1929 the third public house to have the name of the “Black Horse” was constructed and it still stands today.

The bowling green at the rear originates from 1924 and was originally a flat green, workers from the local factories like the Austin and Cadbury’s met for a well earned pint and a game of bowls after work and the Black Horse bowling club was formed.

Over the next few years the local workers needed more of a challenge and  decided to enter a team into one of the Crown Green bowling leagues.

In the mid 1980’s the club had a membership of around 70 bowlers of all ages  and it was around this time that it was decided to add a crown to the green to make it more challenging. And due to the high number of members, the club entered a number of different leagues within the area

these being:-

Warwick & Worcester, Northfield & District, Yardley Wood District, and the Heart of England Friendly. The clubs still plays an active role in all these league today.

In July 2010 the bowling club under went a transformation, when the pub was bought  and renovated by J D Wetherspoon
and we were also awarded for a
 “Awards for All” grant from
The Big Lottery Fund.

We can now offer a great club atmosphere
for our membership along with social and
community events. We have several teams
and during the spring and summer you can
enjoy a game of bowls most day

We always welcome new members, so why
not come down and speak to us about
joining  our club and help get our membership back to what it was in the mid 1980’s or better.

We have been asked to help Wetherspoon's  with community activities and also to raise money for their nominated Charity “Clic Sargeant”, so please  help us out and attend our fundraising and community based events.